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Safety Disclosure Office Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Safe Disclosure Office?

The Safe Disclosure Office is a safe, neutral and confidential place where any City of Edmonton employee (including supervisors, managers etc.) or volunteer can seek information, raise a concern or report an incident about a respectful workplace. The Safe Disclosure Office Lead reports to the Director of Respect in the Workplace; however, operates at an arm’s length from Administration.

To discuss your workplace concern or to book an appointment with the Safe Disclosure Office:

Phone: 1-844-298-6782



Location: 2nd Floor, Bonnie Doon Mall**

*Note: you can arrange to meet at the Safe Disclosure Office or at a location that is convenient for you and that is operationally feasible. 

**Please be aware that the Safe Disclosure Office is discreet and has a separate entrance, but does share some space with Millcreek Neighbourhood Services, and Community Development Services employees. If this is not suitable for you, please let us know and an alternative location to meet can be arranged. 

When should I contact the Safe Disclosure Office?

You are encouraged to talk to the person with whom you have a concern, or with your supervisor.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with the individual or your supervisor, contact the Safe Disclosure Office:

  • any time you have a concern or question about respect in the workplace;
  • if you witness problematic behaviour in the workplace and you are not sure how to approach it;
  • if you want information on the process and options that may be available to you to address a respectful workplace concern; or
  • if you are thinking about filing a formal harassment or discrimination complaint.

Can I trust the Safe Disclosure Office to keep my concern confidential?

The Safe Disclosure Office is a safe, neutral and confidential place where you can share your workplace concerns.

The Safe Disclosure Office:

  • operates at arm's-length of City of Edmonton Administration
  • is located at Bonnie Doon Mall which is a public building with many other businesses
  • will share information and provide guidance to all employees
  • allows individuals to remain anonymous when contacting the Office for information (but employees will need to identify themselves if they want to file a complaint).
  • maintains confidentiality, with the exception of circumstances where there is a legal obligation to report (such as the exploitation of minors or acting on reports of imminent harm, or where a disclosure of an incident of harassment or violence triggers a legally required investigation of the matter)

Is my Union or Association aware of the Safe Disclosure Office?

Yes. There were multiple conversations with Union and Association leaders about the Safe Disclosure Office and how to ensure it provides a safe, neutral and confidential space for employees to discuss their workplace concerns.

Does the City of Edmonton tell my Union or Association if I share a concern or if someone raises a concern about me?

No. The Safe Disclosure Office will not share information with your union or association representative without your consent.

An employee may choose to have their Union or Association involved as their representative throughout the process.

What happens after I share my concern with the Safe Disclosure Office?

The Safe Disclosure Office will listen to your concerns and provide information about the process and your options. If there is an investigation, the investigator will be in regular contact so you are aware of how it is progressing and have an opportunity to ask questions.

The preliminary findings will be shared with you before they are finalized. You will then have a meeting with a Branch Manager to discuss the findings and next steps. If you feel that the investigation was not sufficient, you are able to request a review of the investigation by the Director of Respect in the Workplace.

What protection do I have against retaliation?

The City of Edmonton is building a culture where employees feel comfortable coming forward with respectful workplace concerns. If you feel you are being retaliated against because of a harassment or discrimination complaint that you filed, report it to the Safe Disclosure Office Lead immediately so it can be addressed. The City of Edmonton takes retaliation concerns very seriously.

Will my supervisor find out if I contacted the Safe Disclosure Office?

The Safe Disclosure Office is a safe, confidential and neutral space where you can discuss your concerns. Information about who contacts the Office is kept confidential.

Can I discuss a concern with the Safe Disclosure Office outside of regular business hours?

Yes. The Safe Disclosure Office Lead is available to meet during the following office hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.). They are also flexible and can arrange to meet you at a time and location that works for both of you. Call the Safe Disclosure Office to book an appointment and for more information.

Can I use work time to contact or visit the Safe Disclosure Office?

Yes, you can contact or visit the Safe Disclosure Office on work time. There is an expectation you will arrange for the time away with your Supervisor and keep operational needs in mind. Call or email the Safe Disclosure Office to make an appointment.

If you have concerns about meeting during work hours, the Safe Disclosure Office can provide furtherinformation and guidance.

What is the difference between the Fraud and Misconduct Line (Whistleblower) and the Safe Disclosure Office?

The Fraud and Misconduct Line is to report potential breaches of the City’s Code of Conduct. Concerns about a respectful workplace should be directed to the Safe Disclosure Office. 

What other resources are available to support me?

Resources you can contact for support are:

  • Homewood Health: 1-800-663-1142
  • City of Edmonton Chaplain John Dowds: 780-496-7863
  • Your Union or Association representative (see contacts below)

Visit for more information

What if the inappropriate behaviour that I report does not fall within the definition of harassment and discrimination?

After sharing your concern with the Safe Disclosure Office, other options that may be available will be discussed with you.

What if I see others not complying with the Respectful Workplace Administrative Directive? Do I have to report it?

If you feel that other City of Edmonton employees are not complying with the Respectful Workplace Administrative Directive, there are a variety of options you can take to address the situation:

  • if you feel comfortable, let the person know, in a respectful way, that their behaviour is inappropriate and is not welcome;
  • talk to your Supervisor
  • talk to your Union or Association; or

  • talk to the Safe Disclosure Office

What if I am being harassed by or experiencing discrimination from the public?

The City of Edmonton has a responsibility to prevent and address an employee’s exposure to harassment and discrimination while at work. This includes behaviours from people who aren’t employed by the City of Edmonton, such as the public, contractors, etc. Report these incidents to your Supervisor. 



Safe Disclosure Office

Homewood Health 24hrs/7days a week

City Chaplain John Dowds

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 569 (ATU 569 and ATU 569 (DATS))

Civic Service Union 52 (CSU 52)

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1007 (IBEW)

Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 30 (CUPE 30)

Edmonton Firefighters’ Union (EFFU)

City of Edmonton Management Association (CEMA)


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