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How to submit a concern to the Safe Disclosure Office

Reaching out can be hard, but we are here to listen.

The Safe Disclosure Office promotes and facilitates fair process, and is a place for City of Edmonton employees to reach out and discuss workplace matters related to harassment, discrimination, and respectful behaviour matters.  It assesses and makes decisions on individual files independently of City Administration, however it reports administratively to Employee Services.  The Safe Disclosure Office does not act as an advocate for any party, conduct investigations, or substantiate allegations.

The Safe Disclosure Office Adviser will:

  • Listen to your workplace matter
  • Decide if the matter appears to not be in alignment with the Respectful Workplace Directive
  • Direct your matter for action as appropriate
  • Identify other resources that may be available

You may choose to contact the SDO by email, phone or by the web submission form at the bottom of this page. 


                Phone: 1-844-298-6782

                Visit: You must call and book an appointment with the SDO 

The SDO will make every effort to contact you within two business days to arrange a time to discuss your matter.  No action is taken on your matter until the SDO speaks with you. 

You can choose to submit a matter anonymously; however, please know that we cannot guarantee follow up or action on anonymous submissions.

Please note the SDO may be required to take action when there is a legal obligation to report, such as the exploitation of minors, or acting on reports of imminent harm, or where a disclosure of an incident of harassment or violence triggers a legally required investigation of the matter.  

Your information is collected in accordance with 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act and will be used to conduct a prima facie analysis of your Respectful Workplace Matter.  Your information may be disclosed to Labour Relations, Disability Management and/or Workplace Restoration for the purpose of addressing your workplace matter. If you have any questions about the collection and use of your personal information, contact the Safe Disclosure Office Lead at 1-844-298-6782, 2nd floor, Bonnie Doon Mall, 8330-82 Ave, 2nd, Edmonton Alberta T6C 4E3.

You can submit a matter or inquiry right now through the online submission process:

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