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How to submit a concern to the Safe Disclosure Office

The Safe Disclosure Office is a safe, neutral and confidential place where any City of Edmonton employee (including supervisors, managers etc.) or volunteer can seek information, raise a concern or report an incident about a respectful workplace.  

You may choose to contact the SDO by email, phone or by the web submission form at the bottom of this page. 

                Phone: 1-844-298-6782
                Visit: You must call and book an appointment with the SDO Lead

The SDO will make every effort to contact you within 48 hours to arrange a time to discuss your concern.  No action is taken on your concern until the SDO speaks with you. 

Please note the SDO may be required to take action when there is a legal obligation to report, such as the exploitation of minors or acting on reports of imminent harm, or where a disclosure of an incident of harassment or violence triggers a legally required investigation of the matter.  

You can choose to submit a complaint anonymously; however, please know we cannot guarantee follow up or action on anonymous submissions.

You can submit a concern or inquiry right now through the online submission process:

Contact Information
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Was theft involved
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